Interested in providing a station for the EPN?

To initiate the application, review the EUREF guidelines listed on Guidelines for EPN Stations and Operational Centres.

If your station(s) can comply with these guidelines, then follow the Procedure for Becoming an EPN Station by first completing the online form below which will generate the EPN commitment letter(s) for one or multiple GNSS station(s) proposed for inclusion into the EPN.

This form consists of two parts:

  • The first part collects general information about the agencies involved in the operation of the station(s).
  • The second part collects information specific for (one of) the proposed GNSS station(s). Additional GNSS stations can be proposed for the same agencies, by clicking on Add station.

Once all information is completed, click on Generate the letter. The page will generate the commitment letter (in pdf format) including all GNSS stations entered in the form. The commitment letter needs to be signed by the authorizing official of the responsible agency and sent by email to the EPN CB.

Enter here below the information specific to one GNSS station. Additional GNSS stations can be proposed by clicking on

Add station